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How to Install a New Dishwasher

If you want to update your kitchen with a new dishwasher you have to prepare yourself for a few things. The first to install a 20-amp circuit from the electrical service panel is to add circuit cable by drilling a hole down through the floor into the basement or crawlspace. Then, install 12 AWG cable from the dishwasher space to the service panel. Leave about six feet of cable sticking through the hole by the dishwasher.

This will allow the dishwasher to be pulled out during servicing. Appliance Repair Expert tape the wire to the floor with a piece of duct tape so it doesn't slip down through the hole. Have an electrician install a new circuit breaker in the service panel and make the final wiring connections. If there is an existing circuit for the dishwasher, be sure that the power is turned off to the circuit. Connect the drain hose by inserting the hose through the hole and attach it to the dishwasher drain fitting on your sink drain.

Remove the knockout plug (a small plastic disc) from inside the disposer chamber by securing the drain hose to the drain fitting or disposer nipple with a hose clamp. Connect the water line by replacing the existing shutoff valve with a dual-outlet shutoff valve so the same valve can serve the sink faucet and dishwasher with one valve. Feed 3/8-inch flexible copper supply tubing through the cabinet hole and connect one end to the shutoff valve.

Connect the other end to dishwasher's water valve, as per your Appliance Repair Expert Direction. For the dishwasher's wiring junction box, you have to use a nut driver or screwdriver for removing the screws securing the base plate to the bottom front of the dishwasher. After wiring of dishwasher now it's time to make settings of the dishwasher. The final step is to check all of the connections.